WonderMei x Treasure House Fundraiser - May 1 - June 15, 2019

From May 1 - June 15, WonderMei, in partnership with Treasure House, will be hosting a charity fundraiser at www.wondermeixtreasurehouse.com (CLICK HERE)! This fundraiser will also be your first opportunity to grab some new WonderMei fashion!

100% of proceeds will be shared between Treasure House, the Chi Heng Foundation, SAHK, and Ruby Yang.

Treasure House

House in Noah's Ark, Treasure House is the first interactive Children's Museum in Hong Kong, with its own Mad Science Laboratory. Over the last 10 years, Treasure House has served more than 100,000 children. Your patronage will help sponsor underprivileged children for a 5-day "WonderKids" Day Camp at Treasure House.

Chi Heng Foundation

Founded by Chung To in 1998, CHF has helped over 23,000 AIDS-impacted orphans in China, by funding their education and living expenses. Buy, splurge, donate - US$50 sponsors the education fees for one primary school student for a year. Help CHF nurture and empower the children, and reduce social stigma through educational talks and engagement.

Ruby Yang

Ruby Yang won an Oscar in 2007 for “The Blood of Yingzhou District” (a documentary short film on the AIDS epidemic in China), and has been on a roll ever since. Her feature documentary "My Voice, My Life" was named one of “Hong Kong’s five most-notable films of 2014” by Wall Street Journal. Your support will enable her to film “My Voice My Life: 5 Years Later.”


Formerly known as the Spastics Association of Hong Kong, SAHK provides comprehensive professional rehabilitation services and facilities for persons with neurological impairment. SAHK enables them to realize their full potential, maximize their independence and self-reliance, and become participating members of the society.